The People

The following are the people who make up Rumah CHERISH community. Please note that photos below may not show all the current staff due to their absence.


Cherish new committee was elected on the 31st of March 2019 at the 7th AGM. They are

  1. President – Encik Azham bin Aminuddin (seated 3rd from right)
  2. Vce President- DatinAseema Singhal ( seated 3rd from left)
  3. Secretary- Dr Koh Gim Lam ( seated 2nd from right)
  4.  Treasurer- Puan Alieza Loh ( seated 2nd from left)
  5. Assistant Secretary- Dr Cheam May Choo (seated first from left)
  6. Committee member_ Puan Khaw Siew Hoon ( seated first from right)
  7. Committee member- Puan Chai Siew Peng ( standing second from right)
  8. Committee member-Puan Thenmoli ( not in picture)



  1. Mdm Gunavathi- Co administrator and Head teacher (second from right)
  2. Miss Jayanty Nadaraja- Co adminstrator and teacher ( first from left)
  3. Mdm Indra Chinnasamy- new teacher ( not in picture)
  4. Mdm Amni Begum-cook ( second from left)