We are Cameron Highlands Educational, Rehabilitation and Informative Special Home or Rumah CHERISH. We started operations in this cool and scenic mountain resort in 2007 as an NGO. Over the years, we have provided day care and residential programme for almost 40 children with special needs from Cameron Highlands and other parts of the country.

We believe children with special needs have a role to play in society and they should be given opportunities to discover their abilities and achieve their full potential. We do our best to ensure that they have the right learning environment and are guided by people who can bring out the best in them and give them the confidence they need.

Rumah CHERISH is run by a team of qualified, competent and caring staff under the supervision of a board made up of professionals and business people from Cameron Highlands. We rely depend entirely on public support for the daily running of our centre. We do not discriminate and accept all children with special needs.