Bocce is a game similar to lawn bowl except that it is usually played by people with special needs. The game is played with the players throwing the ball at a target on a grass surface. We usually bring them to small field near the school. On this occasion we were joined by Fabrizio Beladetti and his wife. They are professional photographers who volunteered their service to us. Many of the pictures taken on this outing and the one before ( Bharat Tea visit) are taken by them. We wish them a big Thank You.

Cherish students, teachers and volunteers
Tan Chee Hao watching from the sidelines
Cikgu Jayanthi guiding Vishaka
Izran Edzereiz , the Bocce Champion
Lai Hooi Bor, another Bocce champion
Cikgu Gunavathi showing Vaasant the right way to throw the ball
Danush with Jayanthi
Lim Zhong Qing giving it a try
Lee Yueh Shi
Teacher Nivitha with Choo Yi Hong
Mdm Ambi helping out